Friday, December 18, 2009

First Entry

So I've never blogged before, and I've never been a big fan of it until recently when I started checking out some blogs that people posted on the fall 10 CP facebook group. I guess this will make my wait to apply (for Fall/Fall Advantage 2010) come a little faster. My 21st birthday is January 24th, so applications should be up right around that time, making January an exciting month for me.
I did the SA 09 CP, but I self-termed in May so I could go to school and take summer classes. I regret it a lot, which is why I'm applying for next fall. Everything with school is working out well and if everything goes as planned then I'll be doing either Fall or FA, and I may try to extend. I worked at DAK during my last CP and I think next time I'd like Studios. I'm a history major and I think it would be really awesome to work at One Man's Dream. I don't think I'll be using my history degree for anything related to history, since all I could really do with it is teach or work in a museum, and I want to work for Disney. One Man's Dream is probably my favorite attraction at Studios (next to RnR and GMR- I hate ToT), and it's basically just a little museum of Walt Disney's career. Not to mention the fact that I'm totally fascinated by his life and everything he created- after all, "it was all started by a mouse"- (which was created thanks to a stolen rabbit, but whatever.)
Who knows if I'll keep this blog up or not, like I said, it's my first time. At this time last year I was on facebook every night talking to fellow future CPs who I would be meeting in January. And now I have to wait until the end of January just to apply. This is going to take forever.

Best of luck to everyone who is anxiously awaiting the applications for Fall to go up! We're all in this together.

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  1. As a history maor, you could look for a possible internship at the Disney Archives in California when you graduate.